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Support channels

You can get support through any of the following channels:

SLA for initial response to customer support requests



Time to first response for issues

Level 1 

  • Critical loss of add-on functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions.

Reported during business hours (8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CET, Monday - Friday), except on national holidays in Switzerland
within 8 hours

All other times

by 10 a.m. CET next business day (but we strive for within 12 hours)

Level 2 

  • Moderate loss of add-on functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions.
within 1 business day

Level 3 

  • Minor loss of add-on functionality
  • Issues encountered in a non-production environment.
within 2 business days
Level 4
  • Product feature questions
  • Product modification or enhancement requests
within 3 business days

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