Release Notes v. 1.12

We are excited to announce that we’ve released version 1.12.0 onAug 18, 2020

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New Features

  • Improved navigation with bookmarkable links for the open pull request list, retrospective summary and statistics

Since the launch of the Pull Request Analytics app, we have heard from teams on how the app allows people to easily manage their projects. Building off this momentum, we have incorporated the search filter criteria such as repository, date range, etc. into the URL. Whether you are a dev or team lead, it is now easier to save and share information within teams.

Stay engaged in discussions, while simultaneously ensuring no important links get lost. Here’s an example:

Instead of: https://BITBUCKET/plugins/servlet/pra4bbs/stats

Now: https://BITBUCKET/plugins/servlet/pra4bbs/pr-list?project=PROJECT_ONE&sortOrder=OLDEST&reviewState=NEEDS_REVIEW


  • Upgraded experience and design of the pull request details

Get pull request detail in one snapshot! The pull request detail modal lists important information including the activity monitor, size & lines of code information, languages used and now includes thresholds.

The Lines of Code and Cycle Time details have been introduced and they will show an indicator when those thresholds have been breached.


  • Improved release integration into statistic graphs

We have updated the term from Jira version to release and included the release in the legend. They are presented as milestones in the bar charts and scatter plots to help teams visualize the pull request activity around releases.


  • Performance improvement to the Time to Open statistic

You should see a big improvement on the performance of this statistic. As you know the time to open statistic allows teams to visualize the time to open period and see the detail of each pull request. Decreasing this time period allows devs to receive feedback earlier in the process and allows more time for collaboration and iteration in the pull request.


  • New clickable Jira Issue links added to the Open Pull Request List for more than 5 Jira issues

You will now be able to navigate seamlessly from the pull request detail to the Jira issue detail.