Bitbucket Cloud - Checklist Buddy


This add-on must be installed through the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM):

  1. Choose the workspace that you would like to install the app to

  2. Once in the chosen workspace, click on Settings

  3. Click on Marketplace under Apps and Features

  4. Click on All categories drop down and choose Code review

  5. Code Owners for Bitbucket will show up as an option

  6. Click Add and grant access to the app

  7. The app should now be listed under Installed Apps

  8. You're done!


Put a file called PRCHECKLIST to the root of your repository. Here’s an example file showing the various configuration options:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 # Checklist Buddy by Mibex Software # To create a new task, use '+task+' followed by the task description. # To create a reminder (a non-blocking comment), use '+comment+' followed by the comment text +task+ No local configuration (passwords, comments, debugging) has been committed. # To filter when a task is applied, prepend the task/comment/title with one or more of the following filters: # '--source' - the source branch pattners # '--target' - the target/destination branch patterns # '--files' - diff file pattern, similar to .gitignore # Example: only create task when PR is from a feature to a release branch, and any YAML files are touched: --source feature/* --target release/* --files **/*.yml +task+ Check for tab characters # When more than one task has the same filter settings, these are grouped as a checklist. # Note: entries with the same filter settings will be grouped together, regardless of position in file # To name a checklist, create a line entry with the desired filter settings and +title+ Your Checklist Title --target master +title+ **Release checklist** :checkered_flag: --target master +task+ Bump version number --target master +task+ Internal release testing: All test cases have been :white_check_mark: off on the release page or have been confirmed by the team for ignoring --target master +task+ Each test case is annotated with the date of testing and the tester's name --target master +task+ Jira version: description is updated --target master +task+ Fix version on all issues, remove version from unfinished issue --target master +task+ Public documentation and Public release notes are up to date --target master +task+ Social media announcement is scheduled --target master +comment+ All done? merge PR with --ff-only . --files /src/main/app/** +title+ Frontend testing checklist :art: --files /src/main/app/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on Chrome --files /src/main/app/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on Safari @monica --files /src/main/app/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on Firefox --files /src/main/app/** +task+ UI changes visually inspected on IE/Edge (reply with version) --files /src/main/app/global-pr-list/** +task+ !Open PRs Page :mag: Confirm Open PR list visual


Create a pull request and the app creates tasks and checklists from your PRCHECKLIST file in the destination branch to your new pull requests:

Example pull request with a checklist and tasks generated by Checklist Buddy



Pull Request Checklist Buddy for Bitbucket Cloud is not yet on feature parity compared to it’s Bitbucket Data Center counterpart.

Check the roadmap for more information.