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New Features

  • Addition of a Team Member filter to the Open Pull Request List and Statistics

After popular demand and feedback from you, we have added a team filter to the open pull request list and statistics. We are confident that this new feature will allow teams to have even more transparency when managing projects across teams.



  • Improved layout of the pull request activity graph

We continue to refine the layout of the data visualizations in our statistics so you and your teams can get the context in a clear and helpful way. This is why we improved the time scale of the activity graph to better see the activities even in short-lived pull requests.


Bug Fixes

  • In rare conditions, an inconsistent database caused by incomplete transactions from previous plugin versions, could block the initial indexing job and make the plugin unusable.


Resolved issues in 1.14.1 on

  • Fix incorrect pull request state statistics in retrospective summary when team filtering was used

  • Fix vulnerable dependencies

  • Collect anonymous usage telemetry which can be exchanged on request

Resolved issues in 1.14.2 on

  • Prevent superfluous logs in fork based pull request workflows

  • Handle incomputable pull requests gracefully